Harris-Biden Deep State Plan for Transforming the American Way of Life " DailySurge


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By:   Jim Kouri (DailySurge)

Harris-Biden Deep State Plan for Transforming the American Way of Life " DailySurge
Take note of the radical Leftist, Harris-Biden Deep State Plan for Transforming the American Way of Life and replacing it with socialist-oriented policies.

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

"Hunter Biden, who held no official government position, brought millions of dollars into the coffers of his 47-year politician father," said former criminal investigator Jeff Lonagan.

While most Americans are not surprised about politicians' accepting financial gifts from foreign leaders, they would be shocked by the Democratic Party's plot to banish capitalism, religious freedom, right to bear arms, and other freedoms enjoyed by the American people.

How will these radical Democrats help bring socialism and communism to the United States of America? The following is a list sent to the Conservative Base:

  • Religion= removing the belief in "god". Remove god from the government and schools. The American people need to believe in only the government. Government knows what is best for the people.
  • Education= take control of what people read, see on t.v., radio, cell phones and especially what children are taught in school and the university systems.
  • Debt= Increase the national debt to unsustainable levels, that way you will be able to increase taxes and this will provide more poverty.
  • Poverty= increase the poverty level as high as possible. Poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them.
  • Welfare= take control of every aspect (food, housing, and income) this will make them fully dependent on the government.
  • = control healthcare and you can control the people.
  • Class warfare= divide the people into wealthy vs the poor. Eliminate the middle class. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to tax the rich with the support of the poor.
  • Gun control= remove the ability for the American people to defend themselves from the government. This way you will be able to create a police state. No police department but a federal army ruled by communists.

In 1959 Russian president Nikkita Khrushchev banged his shoe on the podium at the united nations and declared that our "children will live under communism Americans are so gullible."

If America voters want socialism this November, then all the men and women who sacrificed their lives as military members and police officers would have died in vain.

Wake up, America: This generation has no idea what American men and women sacrificed in sweat and blood to make them free!

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